Another common question that parents ask is where to buy Shopkins?

Since Shopkins are so popular there are many fans looking to build their collection. The hunt to find the rare, valuable ones is important to kids and parents alike.

Shopkins come in different types of packs and not each type is carried everywhere. Rather than going from store to store, we try to give you the best information on where to buy Shopkins.

What may appear to be obvious in terms of finding Shopkins can turn out to be a waste of time. When stores get a new shipment of Shopkins, they often sell out quickly.

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Find Amazing Discounts on Shopkins Sets


Where to buy Shopkins:

Toys”R”US is a name kids associate with buying toys. Toys “R” Us competes against Target, Walmart, and Amazon in the toy space.

The toys space is very competitive and Shopkins toys are no different.

What the retail stores normally face, as it relates to Shopkins, is a picked through selection. Shopkins is the hottest selling toy in the US.

The first place parents think is ToysRUS. Because of this they normally have poor selection. Target, Walgreens, and Walmart fare no better.

Whether looking for A Shoppie Doll, a Season 3 figure, Shopkins blind bags, or a rare Season one collectible, we are the place to go. With free 2 day shipping, you can skip the lines and headache and have Shopkins delivered right to your door step.

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Find Amazing Discounts on Shopkins Sets


Some parents hunt for Shopkins coupons but they are very, very rare. At SPKFans, we have only seen one worthy coupon deal.

A few bait and switch attempts can create excitement, but because of the nature of Shopkins popularity, there are not a lot of sales on Shopkins products.

More often many of the desired items are sold out or extremely hard to get. Many times the stress is not worth it. Find shopkins here and save the headaches and hassles.

Where to buy Shopkins

Please browse our full selection of Shopkins.

Shopkins are our passion,


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Find Amazing Discounts on Shopkins Sets