What does SPK stand for in Shopkins?

Parents often ask, What does SPK stand for in Shopkins?

Shopkins are popular kids toys from Moose Toys.  They are grocery store-themed characters that kids can collect, share, and trade.

SPK is an abbreviation for Shopkins. It is used in hashtags like #SPK, #SPKFANS, #SPKLOVE on social media.

You can go on Twitter or Instagram and use #SPK, #SPKFANS, or #SPKLOVE and see fan posts and pictures.

Shopkins Fans love to interact with one another and share their love for the popular toy.

Fans also get together to trade the duplicates that they have and try to build their collection of Shopkins.

The valuable, rare Shopkins come in unique finishes like glitter, clear, neon, and metallic.

What does SPK stand for in Shopkins?

So if you are wondering, “What does SPK stand for in Shopkins?” the simple answer is SPK = SHOPKINS.

6 season’s worth of characters are available as well as clothing, accessories, books, etc.

We offer a checklist of them to help you keep track of them all.

Parents like that they are cute, reasonably priced, and fun for their kids.

Kids love that they are small, easy to take in a pocket or purse, and come in bright cute colors.

Parents often ask “What are Shopkins made of?” Depending on the character they can be either made of rubber or plastic. More info can be found here.

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What does SPK stand for in Shopkins

Shopkins continues to gain popularity and was awarded the 2015 Girl Toy of the Year.

Season’s 1-6 cartoon episodes are available on Youtube and add to the excitement. Season 7 is coming soon.

Wikipedia shows that worldwide sales figures for the Shopkins line are over 100 million units.

Please look around SPKFans.com as we have information on the full line of Shopkins products.

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