Swapkins 2017

Swapkins 2017 is here. Be ready for these amazing and fun events.

As kids continue to collect Shopkins, these events keep popping up to allow them to trade and share their duplicates.

Some fans go to share their love of Shopkins and find the ones they are missing to complete their collection.

The hunt for the Rare and Ultra rare Shopkins is a never ending task. At these Shopkins events, fans love running into others who may have one of these rare and valuable Shopkins.

Some kids like some Shopkins seasons more than others. There have been some wild trades at these events. Some kids have even traded a whole season’s set of Shopkins for a few characters they felt were more desirable.

Parents can use these events to show their kids how to trade nicely and negotiate. Many kids share their Shopkins stories and create friendships with fellow fans.

When is Swapkins 2017?

So if you are wondering, “When is Swapkins 2017,” the simple answer is, ALL YEAR!

In cities all over, different stores and groups hold Shopkins Swapkins events. You can even hold your own Swapkins event.

These are easy to find by checking on Facebook or Google. Many of the events are planned weeks in advance. This will give you time to get your Shopkins together and figure out which ones you may want to trade.

Shopkins fans love to get together and talk Shopkins with other fans and show off their collections.

We offer a full checklist of all the Shopkins to help you keep track of them all.

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swapkins 2017


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