Shopkins Valentines Day

This Valentine’s day, make it a Shopkins Valentines Day.

What better way to show your favorite Shopkins Fan that you love them, then with a Shopkins Valentines Gift Set.


The most popular Shopkins Valentines Day Gift set is the Shopkins SweetHeart Collection.

This Limited Special Edition is a must have.

It Includes RARE Shopkins from Season’s 1, 3, and 4:

Ultra Rare Chocky Box and Rare Choc Kiss from Season 3,
Meltin Muffin from the Cupcake Collection, Miss Pressy from Season 4
Rare Candy Kisses from Season 1 and Cheeky Chocolate!!

shopkins valentines day


Another Very Popular set is the “I Love You More Than Shopkins” Gift Set

This lovely set contains candy, Shopkins, a personalized Shopkins Valentines Card, and other extras.

Shopkins Valentines Gift Basket


The Shopkins Fashion Spree Valentines Collection is another fan favorite.

This gift set includes the in demand Sweet Heart Collection, a Set of 32 Valentines Cards, and 2 Season 4 Fashion Spree Blind Baskets.  With season 4 being the most popular Shopkins toy, this gift set will sure be well received.



There are many other Shopkins valentines day gift sets you can choose from

or you can choose to build your own

You can include:

Shopkins Games

A Shopkins Watch

Shopkins Kinstructions Building Sets

Shopkins Shoppies

Shopkins Storage Cases

Shopkins Playsets

So please look around

You will surely find a Valentine’s Gift for your favorite Shopkins Fan. Most items include free shipping so you can have it in time for Valentine’s Day.

Thank you,