Shopkins Season 7 Glitzi Case

Shopkins Season 7 Glitzi Case with 8 Exclusive Glow Shopkins

Product Features

  • Shopkins Exclusive Collector Case
  • The perfect way to store and display your Shopkins collection! Store over 50 Plus of your favorite Shopkins characters.
  • You can even stack your cases to make a mega display! Plus decorate and label your case with the included labels.
  • The case also comes with 8 Exclusive Shopkins to collect!
New Price: $26.96
(as of 01/24/2020 12:46 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Shopkins Season 7 Glitzi Case! Take your favorite Shopkins anywhere and display them in this Cool Collectors Case! Show off your Shopkins the way they should be. No matter where you go you will always have shelves of Super Shopkins. The cutest, most-collectible characters from your favorite shops! There are adorable fruits, sweets, dairy and more! Grab your shopping cart, and start – because once you shop, you can’t stop!

Shopkins Season 7 Glitzi Case

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