Shopkins Retailers Reviews

Another common question that parents ask is “Where can I get Shopkins?” To help we put together reviews from a sampling of 100 parents and kids about Shopkins retailers.

We asked questions about the stores themselves and the availability and pricing of Shopkins.

Shopkins Retailers Reviews

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Where can I get Shopkins?

The first place parents think is ToysRUS. Because of this they are normally picked through and have poor selection. Target and Walmart fare no better.

The other Shopkins retailers, CVS, Kohls, and Walgreens almost never have Shopkins.

When looking to buy Shopkins as a Shoppie Doll, a Season 3 figure, Shopkins blind bags, or a rare Season one collectible, Amazon is the place to go. With free 2 day shipping, you can skip the lines and headache and have Shopkins delivered right to your door step.

This is what parents normally see when shopping for Shopkins.

Shopkins Retailers

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