Shopkins Games Reviews

With Shopkins being a top selling toy, a number of Shopkins games have been made for kids and their families. Shopkins games reviews.

Shopkins Games

Some are video games, made to play online, while others involve dressup and imaginative play.

For the purposes of the Shopkins Games Reviews we are covering board and card games.

Whether you are looking for a board game, a card game,  or a classic game with a Shopkins theme, we have you covered.

What we looked for in our Shopkins Games Reviews

  • Ease of play
  • Number of players
  • Age needed to play
  • Time needed to play
  • Quality of materials
  • Cuteness
  • Entertainment Value

Below are our reviews so you can find the right game. (You can purchase the game  as well)

Shopkins Games Reviews

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As new games are released we will add them to the Shopkins Games Reviews.

Enjoy hours of family time playing these games,