Shopkins for Boys Kinstructions Building sets

Parents have asked about what to do with their boys who are also interested in Shopkins. The answer is Shopkins for Boys Kinstructions Building sets.

Shopkins for boys

While Shopkins as a whole appeal to girls, boys love the funny and animated characters as well.

To make sure that boys could get in on the Shopkins craze, Shopkins Lego sets were released.

Shopkins Kinstructions Building sets appeal to both boys and girls. They are compatible with both Legos and Mega blocks and open the Shopkins World to all new possibilities.

Boys love having the flexibility to build what they want and be creative.

Some of the items that young kids have come up with is amazing.

To see the Shopkins Kinstructions in action, check out the below video. In it they do an unboxing and build actual sets so you know what is included.

Shopkins for Boys Kinstructions Building sets:

The sets they discuss are:

If you have a boy or girl who loves Shopkins, these sets are perfect. Kids are having hours of fun using their imagination to create pretty amazing Shopkins sets.