Shopkins 2017 Collection

The Shopkins 2017 came and the Shopkins Season 7 are awesome. Information is starting came out about the new Shopkins and they are better than ever.

Since the beginning, Shopkins have been a top selling toy. Kids love being able to trade and collect them and they love the cute and funny Youtube videos.

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Shopkins 2017 Release Date:

The season 7 Shopkins came out in February 2017.

Moose toys came out with a holiday version called the All star Edition which contained preview Season 7 Shopkins.

Shopkins 2017

Season  Shopkins Season 7 contains the following teams

  • Surprise Party
  • PJ Party
  • Picnic Party
  • Princess Party
  • Fancy Dress Party
  • Summer Pool Party
  • Wedding Party
  • Disco Party
  • Limited Edition (Hollywood)

The Season 7 Shopkins are a larger edition than the previous Shopkins.

Different types of Parties are theme of the Season 7.

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The Season 7 Shopkins 2017 had a Hollywood Party Limited Edition and all new Topkins.

Moose toys continues to make a great product and the kids love them.

Reports keep pouring in about what is coming and it is very exciting. Shopkins plan on continuing to expand into electronics and other consumer products. As they expand, the fans consistently want even more.

With every new Season of Shopkins, it keeps getting better and better. The 2016 Season 6 were the most popular yet and the season 7 continued the trend.

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