Limited Edition Shopkins

Another common question that parents ask is “What are Limited Edition Shopkins?”

Limited Edition Shopkins are the rarest of all Shopkins and are very hard to come by. They all feature a metallic, bling, or jewel finish, depending on their season.

Season One Limited Edition Shopkins

(Metallic finish)

  • Cupcake Queen (100 made)
  • Buttercup (250 made)
  • Tin’a’Tuna (500 made)
  • Twinky Winks (1000 made)
  • Papa Tomato (2500 made)
  • Sunny Screen (5000 made)

Season Two Limited Edition Shopkins

(Bling finish)

  • Marsha Mellow (100 Made)
  • Rub-a-glove (250 made)
  • Lenny Lime (500 made)
  • Lee Tea (1000 made)
  • Donna Donut (2500 made)
  • Angie Ankle Boot (5000 made)

Season Three Limited Edition Shopkins

(Jewel finish)

  • Roxy Ring (100 made)
  • Brenda Brooch (250 made)
  • Ticky Tock (500 made)
  • Ring-a-Rosie (1000 made)
  • Chelsea Charm (2500 made)
  • Ruby Earring (5000 made)

Season Four Limited Edition Shopkins

(Perfume Pretties)

  • Frenchy Perfume (100 made)
  • Pretty Puff (250 made)
  • Sparkly Spritz (500 made)
  • Pretty Bow Kay (1000 made)
  • Gemma Bottle (2500 made)
  • Sally Scent (5000 made)

Season Five Limited Edition Shopkins

(Tiny Toys)

  • Paula Puzzle (100 made)
  • Fortune Stella (250 made)
  • Lynne Spring (500 made)
  • Yolanda Yo-Yo (1000 made)
  • Blocky (2500 made)
  • Sprinderella (5000 made)

Season Six Limited Edition Shopkins


  • Tiny Tiara Topper (100 made)
  • Patricia Parfait Glass (500 made)
  • Belinda Blender (1000 made)
  • Bessie Bowl (2500 made)
  • Pizza Will (5000 made)
  • Patty Case (10000 made)
  • Judy Jug (15000 made)

Finding the Shopkins Limited Editions is an adventure. You can get them on Ebay or you can get them randomly in the hidden bags contained in the 12 packs

Toys”R”US is a name kids associate with buying toys. Toys “R” Us competes against Target, Walmart, and Ebay in the toy space.

Because the 12 packs contain the Limited Editions, retailers normally sell out the moment they hit the shelves.

Who has Limited Edition Shopkins for sale?

Some internet scams have Limited editions of Season 1 or Season 2 toys for free as a bait and switch. They attempt to create excitement, preying on parents eager to find the Limited Edition Shopkins for sale.

When the 12-packs appear in the weekly ads, they are not offered at a discount, and more often many of the desired items are sold out.

Limited Edition Shopkins

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