How much are shopkins at Toys R Us?

If you are a parent with young children, you have probably been asked to buy them Shopkins toys. Many parents have never even heard of Shopkins, let alone have any idea what they cost (If you need some quick insight into What are Shopkins?). How much are Shopkins at Toys R Us?

Shopkins are collected and have a wide range of values. For the purposes of this article, pricing is what you would normally expect to pay at a retail store or online retailer. It does not involve how much are Shopkins that are rare and sell on Ebay or at auction or what they may be worth as a collectors item.

How much are Shopkins at Toys R Us?

Generally speaking, Shopkins range from the $2.99 (2-pack) to the $60 (Mystery edition).

They come as…

You can also find many Shopkins Licensed products like…

Shopkins are best selling toys and are sold at Target, Toys”R”US, Walmart, etc.

Parents have frustrating experiences at the retailers because of a picked through or sold out selection. Youtube has many videos of parents and kids thankful to find something at those stores.

How much are shopkins at Toys R Us

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