DIY Shopkins Party Decorations

DIY Shopkins Party Decorations

Shopkins items are extremely hard to find in stores. Just like the toys, the party decorations are not at most local retailers.

Some of the supplies you can buy online.

Other items you can make yourself.

The below video shows how one creative mom made her own decorations for her girls Shopkins Birthday party.

With some basic items, you can piece together a great birthday party.

Previous videos showed how to make a Shopkins Cake, Shopkins Cupcakes, and Shopkins Party Foods.

Let the below video give you some inspiration and please share additional ideas you have.

For anything you do not want to make yourself you can look online for.

DIY Shopkins Party Decorations:

Throwing a kids party doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little preparation and some creativity, you can have a memorable and special day for your Shopkins fan.

Please share with other Shopkins moms so they can also become inspired.