Best Shopkins Toys

Fans want to know which are the Best Shopkins Toys. With so many Shopkins  out there, it can be hard to narrow down.

Best Shopkins Toys

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The below list is the 10 Best Shopkins Toys

Best Shopkins Toys:

  •  Shopkins Sweetheart Collection: This special edition Valentine’s set is a must have for any Shopkins fan. They are cute and in high demand. The set contains 6 EXCLUSIVE  pink and red Shopkins

Shopkins Sweetheart Collection

  • Shopkins All Star Collection: This All star Collection is a set of the 26 most popular Shopkins from Season 1-7. It is a great way to build a Shopkins collection.

Shopkins AllStar Collection

  • Shopkins Collector’s Case: This Collector’s case is a must have to store and carry your favorite Shopkins. It comes with 2 exclusive rare Shopkins which can’t be found anywhere else.

Shopkins Season 6 case

  • Shopkins Shoppies Gemma Stone: Gemma stone is the most popular new Shoppie. She comes with 4 exclusive Shopkins and you may be lucky enough to find the super rare Opaletta Shopkin.

Gemma Stone Shoppie

  • Shopkins Mystery Edition 3.0: Every Shopkins collection must have the Exclusive Limited Edition Set. It contains 40 Glitter rare glitter exclusive Shopkins.

Shopkins Mystery Edition 3

  • Shopkins Season 6 Mega Pack: The easiest way to build your season 6 set. The mega pack contains 24 Shopkins from the popular Chef Club.

Shopkins Season 6 mega pack

Shopkins Kinstructions Fashion Boutique

  • Shopkins Pumpkins:  The awesome Shopkins Pumpkins are not just for Halloween. Each Pumpkin contains must have 2 rare exclusive Shopkins.

Shopkins Halloween Pumpkin Surprise

  • Shopkins Jewelry: The best way to show how much a fan loves Shopkins is with Shopkins Jewelry. Find Jewelry with favorite Shopkins characters.

Shopkins Jewelry Set

  • Shopkins Eggs:  The Shopkins Eggs are not just for Easter. Each egg contains 2 exclusive rare Shopkins.

Shopkins Easter

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With every new release of Shopkins, it keeps getting better and better. Check back often as we will update the Best Shopkins Toys as new Shopkins get released.

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Check out the Shopkins list to make sure you have them all.
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Find Discounts on Shopkins Sets


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