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Find Discounts on Shopkins Season 7 Sets



Shopkins World

Since 2014, Shopkins have been a best selling toy for children. This is the place for everything in the Shopkins World.

What are Shopkins?

A favorite for girls and boys, Shopkins come in playsets and small rubber “grocery” pieces that are characters. The Shopkins World contains all the characters and play pieces, and the imaginative stories of kids everywhere.

Kids collect and trade them. Each figure has a name and is classified into different categories including: Fruit and Veggie, Pantry, Bakery, Sweets, Dairy, Party Food, Health/Beauty, Frozen (clear), and Limited Edition.

They come in unique finishes like glitter, clear, and metallic.

The collection consists of varying degrees of rarity, ranging from common, to rare, to ultra rare, and ultimately special edition.

8 season’s worth of characters are available as well as clothing, accessories, books, etc.

Parents like that they are cute, reasonably priced, and fun for their kids.

The only issue parents run into is availability as they are hot sellers as kids try to collect the rare and special editions.

Shopkins Special Edition

SPKFans is here as a place for everything in the Shopkins World and for you to find all things Shopkins.

We make the process of finding and learning about them easy .